Consultation, assessment, counselling, and psychotherapy for those affected by
trauma, abuse, bereavement, adoption, substance abuse, addiction,
interpersonal and work-related issues. 
C.B.T., E.M.D.R., E.F.T., and S.A.P. trained.

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Professional Practice

Dr. Anne Toth is a clinical social worker who offers a wide range of services to individuals, couples, families, and groups in English, French, and American Sign Language.  With over 30 years of experience in the field, she provides consultation, assessment, counselling, and psychotherapy for those affected by trauma, abuse, bereavement, adoption, substance abuse, addiction, interpersonal, and work related issues.  Anne Toth holds degrees at both the Bachelor and Masters level of Social Work and has also earned certificates in French, and an Honors Bachelor degree in the specialization of American Sign Language and Deafness. Committed to excellence, she has achieved the degree of Doctor of Education and continues to contribute to the field through her private practice and her work as an Applied Dissertation Chair to doctoral students and guest lecturer.  A strong proponent of life-long learning, Dr. Toth presents her work at provincial, national, and international conferences.

Publications and awards

Among other publications on the topics of stress management and bereavement Dr. Toth has written papers relative to bridging communication between the Deaf and Hearing, linguistic and cultural difference versus disability, discrimination based on cultural and linguistic minority status, and a research project that saw Deaf adults become the mentors to children who are Deaf and their families. Dr. Toth's work on reducing the risk of psychosocial problems in children who are Deaf was recognized in 2001 with the Jeannie Harrell Award for Best Applied Research at Nova Southeastern University.  In 2003, Dr. Toth received the Distinguished Service Award of the Canadian Association of Social Workers. In 2004, the Ontario Provincial government recognized her with an award for over ten years of service as a volunteer in Deaf Literacy programs. In 2005, Madonna University recognized Dr. Toth with a distinguished alumnus award in honour of her achievement in the Deaf community, specifically, in the area of literacy and social work. Dr. Toth's work on Bridge of Signs, a research project of the Canadian Association of the Deaf, was nominated as a finalist for the 2006 Stockholm Challenge.

Contribution to the Field 

The immediate past National Director representing Ontario to the Canadian Association of Social Workers, Dr. Toth is registered by the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, is a member of the Association of Private Practitioners in Adoption, the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies, the Council for Exceptional Children, the Canadian Society for Mental Health and Deafness, the Regroupement des intervenants(es) francophone en santé et en services sociaux de l'Ontario, and the Commission nationale des parents francophones, and the Canadian Coalition on Seniors' Mental Health. In support of her volunteer activities, Anne Toth is a member of the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Canadian Association of the Deaf, the Canadian Hearing Society, the Organization for Literacy in Lambton, and the Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf. She is an associate member of the Ontario Association of Sign Language Interpreters, and a supporting member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.